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Journal Entry 319

Merry Fucking Christmas to you all!!!!!!

I wasnt really planning on updating my lj until next year but im in a good mood. Yeah i know. hell froze over. :)

Well lets start with my B-day. This year i had like the most badass b-day ever. Kenny, Jacyn, Mat and Myself went to the moves and saw "King Kong" which was a badass movie in itself.

Afterwards we went to play laser tag in Sherman Oaks. This place was like so cool. We actually had guns instead of those damn supermarket scanner starfleet phaser ripoffs. We had vests and everything. It was what Laser tag should be. It was crazy. And was a workout for me lol. What amde it so interesting was the roleplayers. Roleplayers are people who have like a year memebership or something to that effect. These guys were like pros. They just mowed down every one and got crazy scores. To see these guys play its like watching a Lightsaber duel between a jedi and a sith. There were moviing juking a jiving and pulling off all kinds of evasuive manuvers. It was fun.

Afterwards we all decided to go to IHOP where all hell broke loose. Mat and I had been insuting each other for a good 45 minutes. When we got to IHOP he finished it by doing a JR impression that made kenny, J and I almsot pass out from laughter. Poor J drooled all over the place and i drooled in my unfinished pancakes that i still wanted and i accidently sprayed with pepesi when mat amde me laugh again. Suffice to it was a rather...insane night.

Ah yes. And granny got me a digi cam that Mr. Wulf was nice enough to help me pick out. Dont worry. im going to take pictures of my ass a posty em on lj or myspace. Although the thought does appeal to me.....ah ahem anyways. All in all it was a great night.

Now lets move on to Christmas and Christmas eve.

Christmas eve was crazy. Went over my dads house for our Annual Johnson Family Chirstmas party. Which bascially emans it was a bunch of black folk sitting around talking, playing games acting crazy and getting drunk. Well only 2 got drunk. it was great.

Later on kenny and mat show up where after a loghtsaber duel to the death we along with donovan and his friend travis played a 6 hour game of risk. what went from 1am to 6am. Yeah we sat up all night playing risk. Dont belive me? I have the pictures to prove it lol.

The next day which was christmas where i went back over to my dads house after getting home that morning at like 7;30 and sleeping till 2pm. Kenny shows up an hour and a hlaf later where he, donovan, my uncle duston and myself sit down to...you guessed it, play another game of risk, This one was started earlier and was about 4 and a half hours whch was pretty good. I ELIMINATED MY DAD!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER ELIMINATED DAD BEFORE IN RISK. IT WAS GREAT. HA HA. 4 YEARS OF TRANING HAD FINALLY PAID OFF. I ENDED HIM. HA HA HA HA HA HA. Ahem anyways that was fun.

Yesterday Bridget, Dave, Joho and myself went out to breakfast and then to the mall. So that was fun as well.

Ok, im done.

Yall have a Happy new year. And stay tuned for my year end post. I promise it wont be as depressing as my last one.
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