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Journal Entry 314

Ok. I got 9 days to make some magic happen in ppl. We have bascailly turned Mr. Madero's house in to the Proud Bird. Fridays, Saterday and Sunday we got PBRs going on. hell we got PBRS going on all over the damn place. Its getting like so crazy and its exciting. Im like so psyched right now. I mean i really gotta bust my ass these next 9 days.

I mean i dont have a choice. Im trying to get my grandma this full body massage chair from brookstone and its like $4500. Its gonna be a late B-day present since her B-day is in january. At this point everything im doing in ppl is for her and come hell or high water I will get her that chair. Mark my words. She will have that chair. I promised her, I promised myself and now im promising all of you that come Febuary my grandma will have that chair.
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