DarkWolf (darkwolf359) wrote,

Journal Entry 309

Ok then. Hiya all. Its me again. No please dont get up. Its ok.

Well Last night was the 1st annual Pre Paid Legal Services Halloween party. Ok that was alot to say. Anyways the party was last night and it was ok. Not as fun as i expected but twas cool. I really need to leanr how to dance. Im serious i looked like a goddamn penguin. Sigh that was sad. BUT I survived. The music was cool and they didnt start serving the food till like 11:30pm, which was about the time the last of my guests left lol. So i ate and then left. There was no one else there i kneq and i couldnt dance so i faded into the darkness like i always do and left.

I did like my costume. I was the Grim Reaper. Figures id be death itself. I had this big ass sythe. If i was a character in FF7 it would be called a buster sythe. I cant believe i just said that.

I wanted to be a Jedi but sadly i couldnt find a costume or a decent robe/cloak.....thing. Next year i am going to get an early start and plan it out.

Ah yes, before i forget. I would like to thank everyone who came for comming as i would have looked like more or a loser then i already am if i showed up by myself. So thank you.

Well im done.

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