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Journal entry 310

My buisness is shit. it truly is.

Although there might be some hope on the Horizon. If everything goes just right then i might be able to hit Director by the end of the month. If not then ill be in a good position to hit it next month. But like always it all depends on me and how much im willing to commit to doing what i need to do.

Lately ive been talking to alot of Executive Directors. Ive been telling them about my buisness, where it is and what im trying to do to fix it. Ive also been getting advice on how to take my buisness to the next lvl as well. I have found alot of what they said useful although there are somethings i dont totally agree with.

Even though i dont agree with some of the things they said ima try em. I mean anything is betetr then what i have been doing. So ima to a complete reorganization of my buisness and see how that works.

Hopefully my doing this ill attain my goal od becomming Director by the end of the month and Executive Director by thy Febuary. I am confident that i can acheive this.

Funny how i now rant and rave about my buisness instead of about my life. Meh, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Ah yes i almsot forgot.

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Well im done for the night.


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